Hundreds of years ago, the great empires fell, plunging the world into darkness. Mighty Bael Turath crumbled under the weight of its own decadence and corruption, as noble Arkosia plunged headlong into decline after decades of warfare. Thulia was sacked by barbarian hordes, never to rise again. Across the world, the Yamatari, masters of spellcraft, far removed from the conflict in the secluded jungles of Turivola, quietly disappeared into myth.

Until today.

Whispers of the great discoveries of the lost empire have reached the ears of a prosperous young kingdom. Emboldened by legends of forgotten secrets in the jungle mists, the greatest minds of the age have joined to lead a band of explorers deep into the unknown.

The deck of the ship groans beneath you. Ahead, the endless green of Turivola peeks through the fog. Your comrades load their supplies in the landing crafts. They have come for many reasons: wealth, power, fame. but none of you know what awaits you in the viridian depths.

The boats are lowered.

The adventure begins.

The Endless Green