Acariah Terevos

Grab that Loot


I’m sure everyone else is trying to sell you on the “fantastic specimens” and “unimaginable knowledge” they’re hoping this trip will uncover. I hope they’re right. Otherwise, this is going to be a big boondoggle.

The fact is, before you get to the higher callings and whatnot, you gotta keep the expedition in shape. That’s where I come in. I’m the quartermaster for the Sun King’s shindig. That means all the gear, the camp, the craftsmen? They all come through us. Keeping all this stuff straight means I can only hire the best.

Need me to sweeten the pot? My group has an incentive program. Any loot you bring me brings this expedition one step closer to turning a profit, which brings us closer to a big payday. Anybody in my department that finds big treasure gets a cut.

Swear by my horns, this mission could go belly up in a second, but with folks like us planning things, our odds look a whole lot better.


Acariah Terevos

The Endless Green DM_Duende