Knowledge Never Dies


This is really quite an extraordinary opportunity. I mean, there’s an entirely isolated ethnographic profile within our grasp! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we wind up having to rewrite entire chapters on the fall of the old kingdoms. And we’ll get to see the lingering impact of the dissolution of a powerful cultural force on isolated populations. Not to mention the cartographical potential! There’s an entire nation’s worth of unmapped territory just begging to be brought to my drafting table, and…

I’m sorry, what did you need?

Oh! Right! The scholars’ division! Yes, I’m managing that. I’m not entirely sure how. I mean, my academic research is quite extensive, but apparently I was recruited based on some piece I wrote centuries ago that mentioned the Yamatari Empire in passing. That wasn’t even this lifetime! Oh well, that’s immortality for you.

I expect that we’re going to have our hands quite full. We’ll be recovering cultural artifacts, and hopefully, making first contact with isolated tribes. If that sounds rewarding to you, why, you should sign on with me too!



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