Brother Warris Talin

Keepin' the Faith


Repent! Repent, all ye heathens! Haha, just kidding. Whether you worship Corellon or Pelor, or even Aoskar— you’re still welcome here! We’ve got a lot of people all under one canopy on this expedition, and we want every one of you to feel welcome under the chapel roof. (Even if that roof’s a tent.)

We offer healing and twice-daily prayer and meditation gatherings. These gatherings are a set time for individuals of all creeds to gather together and worship their chosen deity. However, the chapel is never locked, and available to you any time of day or night if you need moral guidance. All religions are welcome here, and with an undertaking of this magnitude, we need all the help from the Gods we can get! Amirite?

I’m technically the head priest of this division, which, woah—let me tell you. What an honor, and also such a huge responsibility. I just, I’m so humbled, but you guys, this is not about me. We are all brothers in the good works. Working with me are a whole heavenly host of priests and priestesses of the pantheon, joined together in a mission of harmony and understanding.

And what is that mission, you ask? Our mission is to safeguard the brave souls on this journey, and consult with the Gods to obtain their favor. If that doesn’t sound like much, let me tell you, the Gods do listen and prayer is a powerful weapon. The might of the Gods is indeed a force to be reckoned with! And we stand ready with both the shield of faith, the sword of prayer, and the “potion” of the healing arts to defend this expedition.

We are currently looking for volunteers, and we’d love to have you on board! This is going to be such a great opportunity to do good— mission work is so rewarding. If you’ve never been on a trip before, you are missing out, and now might be your chance to change that. If you feel motivated by your spirit to lend a helping hand, come see me to set up an entrance interview. One last note, if you recover anything of religious significance, we are interested in relevant artifacts. Please bring them in with you, and we’ll see you at the mediation meeting!


Brother Warris Talin

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