Captain Aldin Lephias

Model Soldier


Let me get a look at you… yes, you seem like you can handle yourself in a fight.

Pardon me. I’m Captain Lephias. I’ll be taking this bunch of sellswords and mercenaries and forging them into a top-tier security force. This expedition’s full of bookish sorts and wizards. If they’re going to survive, that means folks like me, and perhaps yourself, need to be the thin line between them and danger. We’ll face threats to the expedition head-on, and, gods-forbid, resolve any disputes that come to blows in camp.

I’ve been in the Alba Therum guard for 23 years. I’ve learned a thing or two about defending a perimeter. And in case you’re concerned about how I can handle myself outside the city, I was with the Wolfriders back in the Feywild before that. Yes, I’m a fey. Just because I keep my gear immaculate doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.

If you’re prepared to stand tough in the face of unknown danger, maybe you should sign up with me.


Captain Aldin Lephias

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