So you want to join my division? I can’t blame you. May I see your credentials?

This expedition isn’t just about poking in the dirt. We’re going to require top-notch magic talent, and that means we need the best people. I’m one of the King’s top Magewrights. He chose me personally to lead the expedition’s mage contingent, so that means that we require the very best. This trek has the potential to unearth magical secrets that were lost when the Yamatari Empire fell. If you discover anything of arcane significance, bring it to me, and you’ll be rewarded.

In addition to any arcane knowledge we might acquire, we’ll be working to provide and maintain enchantments of a useful nature for the expedition. Working with us, you’ll have inside knowledge of those.

You seem like you’ve got what it takes. And I like your enthusiasm. Are you interested?



The Endless Green DM_Duende