Creature of the Mind


I sense the gift of potential within you…

You are filled with indecision, yes? But hope, and, beneath it all, a power like I have seldom seen.

I am Eotrine. Mine is a dedicated gathering of oracles. The King has beseeched us to accompany his expedition, though in truth, we sense the strands of destiny entwined throughout every step of the journey. You share some of our gifts, perhaps?

To see the future is a rare gift that few truly possess. What we, and those like us, do is to see the telltale threads of fate in stars and bones and birdflight. Join us, and perhaps you might hone your gifts as well.

The road ahead is paved in both glory and darkness. Though none can truly foretell what lies in the years to come, perhaps our gifts may guide us through.



The Endless Green DM_Duende