Korialix Astor

Build build build


You there! You want to join the expedition’s engineer corps? Welcome aboard! Grab that surveying gear and show me what you’ve got.

Oh, you don’t want to join? Just as well. I’m not sure you’ve got what it takes. Very sad. Move along.

Oh, you might want to join? That’s different! Let me tell you what we’re about.

This is a big trip. Lots of people, lots of moving parts. We’ll be in the jungle for a long time. That means tents aren’t going to cut it! We’re got to build! Clear land for fortifications! Survey and level! Maybe make boats? Let me write that down.

Now, don’t listen to the naturalist division. No matter what they told you, I’m not planning on cutting the whole jungle down. I ran a feasibility study on it. Way too inefficient. Nope, I’m a gnome. We believe in carving yourself a niche, and fortifying it, and woe to anyone who tries to put the squeeze on you because… but I digress.

Just hiking into this jungle isn’t enough. That place will eat us alive if we aren’t prepared. My team is going to give us a place we can hold. If you want to be on my team, it’ll mean finding spots for supply drops, and once we’re in the thick of it, we’ll be excavating dig sites.

Interested? Good! Welcome aboard. If not, excuse me. I’ve got a lot of work to do.


Korialix Astor

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