Rubid Hawke

Tally Ho!


Yes, of the Northumber Hawkes.

The Sun King chose me to organize this little party, because if you want an expedition done right, you hire a Hawke!

I’ll be organizing, motivating, and overseeing all you lot in the field. This is the biggest undertaking I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m quite exhilarated by what we might find. Think about it! Untapped wilderness! Unknown perils! A lost empire! It’s the kind of stuff a real adventurer dreams of!

But I digress. My division and I will be in charge of logistics. It’s a big undertaking with a group this size! I could use people to help mediate disputes and keep me in the loop about the other divisions.

Of course, the real fun is in the field, so if you’re in my division, I’ll expect you to be on the forefront of the adventure. Eyes up! The jungle is no place for cowardice!


Rubid Hawke

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