Lord Weimar Galliard

I'm On the Hunt


So you wanna join the scouts, mate? Good show.

It’s tough work, being the man out in the bush. Whole expedition depends on us finding shelter and spotting dangers. You gotta be quick, and you gotta keep your wits about you.

Here’s what I expect from my scouts: we know what happens to the expedition before they do. That means spotting any natives, any predators, or any sign of this lost civilization what we’re hunting for. We see them so the rest of the expedition can fortify or break out the shovels and logbooks, as needed.

Me? I don’t buy too much in for all that. I’m here for the hunt. Note the fangs and the fur? Yeah, that ain’t for show. I’m a hunter, born, and raised. There’s monsters in these woods to make any big-gamer jealous. You bag a trophy, and I’ll give ya a reward.

I’m right looking forward to all this. There’s something wild out there in that jungle. I can smell it on the wind.


Lord Weimar Galliard

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