The Endless Green

Rough Seas Disrupt Explorers' Landfall
Expedition Endures Rocky Start

The Turivola Exploratory Company suffered a slight setback while breaking ground on the revolutionary venture. An unexpected rip current capsized several of the company’s landing craft, injuring four. While rescue efforts were mobilizing, three more of the explorers were swept further along the coast, along with several crucial pieces of expedition equipment.

The three company members, forced together by circumstance, managed to make it to shore while recovering the expedition’s vital Residuum supply, and scrying devices belong to the groups’ seers.

Heavy tow chains belonging to the company quartermaster were lost to the sea bed.

The last of the mission critical gear, a cask of fine Ceriad Rum intended to christen the expedition’s base camp, was stolen by a native seabird. The three lost explorers pursued the creature, and finally recovered the cask in a jungle clearing. After a brush with a nest of vicious stirges, the adventurers activated their alchemical flares and were located by a rescue party.

Stirges, it should be noted, are a hostile and predatory insect species whose diet of blood makes them a threat even to seasoned outdoorsmen. With the nest destroyed, the clearing will serve as the center-point of the Company’s initial explorations.

Reports suggest that the lucky adventurers are being heralded as “an example of model cooperation,” by expedition leader Rubid Hawke and have been asked to name the expedition’s base camp.

Groundbreaking Expedition Leaves Today
Sea Voyage to Open 5-Year Journey

Wellwishers from all across Alba Therum gathered in Port Akkadis to bid farewell to a long-planned expedition to the jungles of darkest Turivola. The hundreds-strong party set sail early this morning, and are expected to make landfall in just under a month. Their eventual goal is to chart the unexplored jungle, once the seat of the Yamatari Empire, and perhaps discover what happened to the ancient culture.

Alba Therum’s own Edvara, noted Magewright, had nothing but optimism for the journey.

“It really is a phenomenal opportunity,” the genasi wizard said. “The potential benefits to our kingdom are limitless.”

She’s joined by prominent merchant Acariah Terevos, who will serve as the group quartermaster.

“The backing by the kingdom has been incredible. It’s easily the most well-supplied expedition of its kind that I’ve ever heard of.”

Nowhere is that more apparent than with the leader of the expedition: Rubid Hawke, out of Northumber. Longtime readers will recognize the Hawke family as being a mainstay of adventuring annals. I had a moment to speak with the lovely Ms. Hawke during her last-minute preparations.

“My family has always been adventuring. It’s how we made our reputation, but this is an expedition I’m really proud to be a part of. The preparations have been extensive, but I really feel like we’re ready to face anything.”

The “preparations” Ms. Hawke speaks of include four years of planning, and the hiring of experts in multiple fields of study. The bulk of the expeditionary force is made up of free agent adventurers from all walks of life, coming together in the search for the lost civilization of the Yamatari. Those adventurers represent years of recruiting efforts both locally and abroad, and are the key to the mission’s success.

For now, those hundreds of brave souls are sailing across the sea, in search of fortune and glory. Though one can’t foresee what thrilling excitement awaits them, this reporter, at least, will be watching with great interest.


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