Alba Therum

The Shining City. Beacon of the South. Light of Mankind. All are names that have been prescribed to Alba Therum. The city is the seat of power for the Theriad Kingdom. It is home to the powerful and wealthy, and the citizenry lives and works in peace and security. Though officially a human city, much of the city incorporates sweeping eladrin architecture, and travellers of all kinds have been drawn to its walls. Large eladrin, deva, and gnome populations live within the city as well, and most other races find a home there in some capacity.

Of course, the Shining City wasn’t always as such. Alba Therum can trace its development all the way to the fall of the empire of Bael Turath. It was little more than a fortified outpost then, but the collapse of imperial cities led to a massive influx of refugees. Many brought education and culture with them, and Alba Therum became a repository for much of the knowledge of the old kingdoms. Weathering the stormy years of aftermath, Alba Therum emerged from the darkness as the home of many advances that were thought lost. The establishment of the Theriad Kingdom marks the beginning of the current calender cycle, the Age of Lights.

Inside massive stone walls are gleaming white towers of dizzying height. Alba Therum has been called the most advanced city of the age. Much of this is due to the Magewrights, a collective of powerful wizards who are tasked with keeping the city functioning. Minor enchantments abound within the city proper, ranging from glowing arcane streetlamps to waste disposal via portal.

The current regent of Alba Therum is King Connor Eraphil IV, more commonly known as the Sun King. He is fully devoted towards the ideals of enlightened monarchy. He has continued the work of his father in promoting magic-users of all stripes. His massive expenditures on education and public works are all indicators of his desire to be the father of a new golden age.

As part of his ongoing efforts to learn from the empires of the past, King Connor has commissioned a massive expedition to the jungles of Turivola, where the empire of the Yamatari rose and fell. Several of Alba Therum’s most prominent figures have joined the quest to the perilous jungle, and the undertaking represents the culmination of years of planning and effort, and promises to advance several different fields of knowledge by decades… if anyone makes it back alive.

Alba Therum

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